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“BEATEN” Coffee.

How to Make Beaten Coffee | Indian Cappuccino

In a word, beaten coffee is sublime. Seriously!😤

I will not get coffee out at diners because when I taste it, my lip will inadvertently curl and I will say something like, “This coffee tastes like ewww…

I heard about beaten coffee, also known as soft coffee, Indian cappuccino, whipped coffee, Everyone who had tried it was raving about it, and since I had some Cafe Bustelo in the pantry, I decided to get in on the action too. Y’all, this stuff is completely delicious. I made it with all milk (except for the small amount of water I used to whip the coffee with), but you can also make it with part water and part milk. Either way, what you end up with is a smooth, thick, creamy, foamy coffee that stays that way right down to the bottom of the mug

Or similar super-fine ground instant coffees. I tried it and even after about 20 minutes of whisking, I couldn’t get it thick enough. The resulting coffee was too thin, even with the foamy milk mixed in. Plus, I wasn’t a fan of the flavor.

The Cafe Bustelo is bold and delicious. The Kava is super smooth tasting, so if you aren’t a fan of acidic coffee, this might be the one for you. Shop around though and use what you love.

How to Make Beaten Coffee (Indian Cappuccino)

1. Whip instant coffee, sugar and a small amount of water together, either with a spoon (traditional–takes about 15 minutes or so), with a whisk

Don’t use an immersion blender with the blade attachment though. I tried that once and thought the coffee tasted burnt, probably from the friction of the blades. Oh, and if you do use a spoon, stir like a crazy person. Seriously fast stirring is pretty necessary to get the volume and thickness you’re looking for. If you’re making coffee for a crowd, make a ton of the whipped concentrate and then dole it out into mugs before adding milk. That way, folks can use as little or as much as they want so it’s as strong or as mild as they want.


For one 16 oz mug of coffee, I used:

1 level Tablespoon instant coffee1 level Tablespoon organic sugar (you can use a bit less or a bit more, to taste)approximately 2 1/2 teaspoons water  (I used filtered water straight from the fridge.

2. Once the coffee is as thick as shaving cream–it should look like glossy meringue at about medium to medium-stiff peaks–heat your milk (or milk/water) combination, whisking the whole time. If you have a milk frother thing, use that, but I find a whisk works just fine.

3. Pour the frothy milk in so the mug is half full. Then, thoroughly stir to allow the whipped coffee to sort of melt into the hot milk. Then, top off the mug, spooning on a bit of froth on top


4. Enjoy.😁

5. Spread the word. This stuff is seriously too good not to share. Just don’t share your own mug!

I can confirm that already at least three people I know have made this and are sold. A few more folks are planning on making this today. Maybe you’ll be one of them.

Thanks so much for spending some time with me today. If you do give beaten coffee (Indian Cappuccino, soft coffee and other aliases) please let me know what you think. And if you’ve been making coffee this way all along, why on earth

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“Indie”-pendence (15-8-1947)

Yahooo!! Finally,
Two more days to go for Independence Day🌝

Like every year this 69th Independence day would be a great day for us.

How do you showcase a dynamic culture that’s several millennia old,has hundreds of languages and is simply waiting to stand out? Through the bond of music of course! We Bangalorean’s gear up the Indian melody and whose identities are defining the indie scene.

Gear up for concert this weekend.The two big names playing at this year’s festival have to be A.R. Rahman and Megadeth.

As far as the Bengaluru line up goes,expectations flying high with Indie freedom music the most awaited music festival announcing its line up.

Song is ready for the big day!! Jai hind..

Salute to all the freedom fighters.

Kuch bhi..

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