“Indie”-pendence (15-8-1947)

Yahooo!! Finally,
Two more days to go for Independence Day🌝

Like every year this 69th Independence day would be a great day for us.

How do you showcase a dynamic culture that’s several millennia old,has hundreds of languages and is simply waiting to stand out? Through the bond of music of course! We Bangalorean’s gear up the Indian melody and whose identities are defining the indie scene.

Gear up for concert this weekend.The two big names playing at this year’s festival have to be A.R. Rahman and Megadeth.

As far as the Bengaluru line up goes,expectations flying high with Indie freedom music the most awaited music festival announcing its line up.

Song is ready for the big day!! Jai hind..

Salute to all the freedom fighters.

Kuch bhi..

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